Softvan offers big data consulting through it’s professionally supported and managed services that help the companies get the actionable insight about the big data initiatives. The big data program has a focus on two prime objectives that are, revenue maximization and operational efficiency of the client companies. The big data analysis helps the companies get the right insight into revenue generation sources along with helping them detect frauds and leakages further leading to the best profits. These services involve production and creation of information and storing the data for making an analysis. The study mainly helps the companies understand their terms of growth and find the areas that will fetch them better profits.

Why choose us?

In this fast growing and increasing competitive market, it is essential to find opportunities and grab the best ones. If one fails to do these analyses, it turns difficult for the company to survive in the market for long. Thus, data analytics is a critical section to be considered to find out better about the market. Softvan ensures you with:

  • Accuracy of relevant data.
  • Cost efficiency is the most benefiting factor.
  • Pay for the services you take that too only for the time you require.
  • There are several available data analytics services, and you pay only for the ones you choose.
  • Enjoy getting the most professional advisory services regarding the opportunities.
  • Offers different packages of Big Data services to its customers.
  • With the availability of latest technology and a team of professionals working to make the most out of it.
  • Providing the best integrated data to get perfect solutions helping companies increase their revenue.
  • Offers customized services to ensure better customer experience.

Big Data Application: Operation and Analytics


Big Data Strategy

Softvan serves its clients in prioritizing its programs building strategies such that they form a huge impact on your business. These policies are created keeping data, existing skills, and technology into consideration. We support you to place a foundation to long-term success as well as quick output creation.


Data Lake Services

We help you develop and access to data with comfort. We help you save time and efforts by administering data efficiently. Get leverage to your data lake environments with our trusted data lake services.


Data Engineering

We are known for data creation and designing on all the preeminent platforms like Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, NoSQL and much more. Our consultants ensure perfect solutions profitable for long-term development.


Data Warehouse Modernization

Under this section, we create complex workflow pipelines and blend multiple sources of data for automated data usage. This facilitates your job while you have to recognize, analyze and execute data to Hadoop adopting out Bid data services.


Real-Time Analytics

Using the latest data technologies like Spark and Hadoop, we serve you build and extend analytics creating efficiency in work.


Managed Services

While you partner with Softvan, you can experience accurate and cost-efficient management. We guarantee timely transmission of performance with sophisticated big data environments and Hadoop platforms.


Training & Support

With the help of Hadoop certified time, we present training and support services as per your terms. You can access to our popular services, and we will provide training plans as per your requirement.


Big Data frameworks that we love to work on

hadoop_logo Hadoop is an open source big data framework that allows you to process large and complex sets of data which are distributed over a large network. Hadoop is one of the most reliable frameworks in the market because of its high fault tolerance and complex processing capacity.
spark_logo Spark is considered a state of art big data framework because of its fast, easy and accurate analysis of diverse data sets like texts, graphs, batches as well as real time data. You can achieve up-to 100 times faster processing and performance when you use spark.
mongoDB_logo MongoDB is the most popular cross-platform document-oriented NoSQL database. It is also free and open-source but that didn’t stop it from becoming the top database system across the market.

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