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About Big Data Analysis

Softvan offers big data consulting through it’s professionally supported and managed services that help the companies get the actionable insight about the big data initiatives. The big data program has a focus on two prime objectives that are, revenue maximization and operational efficiency of the client companies. The big data analysis helps the companies get the right insight into revenue generation sources along with helping them detect frauds and leakages further leading to the best profits. These services involve Data pipelining, Data leak, Warehousing, Hadoop and Spark clustering, scalability, ETL, EMR and give visualizations. The study mainly helps the companies understand their terms of growth and find the areas that will fetch them better profits.

Gain valuable insights from your data

In this fast growing and increasing competitive market, it is essential to find opportunities and grab the best ones. If one fails to do these analysis, it turns difficult for the company to survive in the market for long. Thus, SoftVan ensures that your decision making process will be totally transformed with valuable insights from your organization’s data.

Data Pipelining and Engineering Solutions​

Softvan preprocesses the real-time stream data for analysis and visualization. Data can migrate between databases, share data processing logic across web apps, batch jobs, and APIs. We power your data ingestion and integration tools replacing batch jobs with real-time data.

Real-time analytics

Softvan facilitates practical instant access and use of analytical data continually updated or refreshed results about user events by customer. We use latest technologies like Spark and Hadoop help serve you build and extend analytics creating efficiency in work.

Business intelligence

Softvan provides its clients with new technologies along with business intelligence to facilitate their enterprise solutions. We provide customized BI solutions using PowerBI, Tableau and Quick Sight.


Real-Time Analytics

Using the latest data technologies like Spark and Hadoop, we serve you build and extend analytics creating efficiency in work.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Create complex workflow pipelines and blend multiple sources of data for automated data usage.

Data Lake Services

Save time and efforts by administering data efficiently. Get leverage to your data lake environments with our trusted data lake services.

Managed Services

Experience accurate and timely transmission of performance with sophisticated big data platforms.

Data Pipelining and Engineering Solutions

Engineer data pipelines on preeminent platforms like Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, NoSQL and much more.

Big Data Strategy

Place a foundation to long-term success as well as quick output creation with high impact big data strategies.

Key Benefits To Our Customers

Customised solutions

We offer different packages of Big Data services and customized services to ensure better customer experience.

Integrated Data Management Solutions

Enjoy getting the most professional advisory services regarding the opportunities pertaining to your organization’s data.

Training and Support

We present training and support services as per your terms. You can access to our popular services, and we will provide training plans as per your requirement.


Process large and complex data sets like texts, graphs, batches as well as real-time data distributed over a large network and achieve 100 times faster processing and superior performance with opensource frameworks like Hadoop, Spark and databases like MongoDB.

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