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About Internet of Things

The technology and devices today connect millions of people together in the world. They are known to work smarter than us because they have better connectivity as compared to humans. The companies looking forward to high quality innovations are adopting the internet of things strategy to build better services by understanding their customer better. The approach helps redefine better relationships with their clients, partners, and employees.

One can realize these new digital opportunities everywhere. Banks provide better engagement through the tele machines and ATMs, personalized in-store shopping experiences, medical devices used in the life sciences firms, ‘just-in-time’ preparation meals enabling customers to wait less in the restaurants, etc.

Let Your Devices Interact With Each Other Without Your Intervention

Softvan partners with its clients to serve them with IOT business cases that use technology to create new business models and revenue generating strategies. The services offered help the companies find better revenue generation opportunities at highly efficient and cost less. The Arduino, AWS IOT, Azure IOT, Smart Home, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Bots, PCB Designing solutions developed by Softvan experts will increase your productivity of day-to-day activities.

smart home

With Softvan’s revolutionary smart home automation systems allow complete control of your thermostat, lights, live video surveillance and more.

Customize your IOT HArdware

By deploying our customized IoT solution in your business, you can customize with our IOT services with end-to-end solution. We ensure total automation in case of device-to-device interaction.

industrial automation

We automate devices in terms of control systems, such as computers or robots, and information technologies for handling different processes and machineries in an industry.

Our IOT Solutions are suitable for multiple industry verticals


Real time fleet management to smart driving, Automotive industry will soon utilize some of the great services from IOT.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry is going through a quick phase of revolutions, and in the near future sensors will be used to transfer every byte of information.


IoT is rapidly changing the landscape of educational institutes wherein most of the cumbersome daily processes are automated.


IOT applications are already being used by the healthcare industry from quite sometime seeing its huge benefits.

Wearables and Telehealth devices

Get customized and secure IoT Wearable and Telehealth Solutions per your requirements, specifically engineered by focusing on your business domain.


There has been a dramatic change in the way of shopping, connect with us to gain the benefits of custom retail market IOT applications developed by us.

Key Benefits To Our Customers

Data Science

While you hire the data sciences at Softvan, the team helps you to find new opportunities and fix the existing bugs hidden from the big data.

Data Visualization

Through our data visualization services, our experts help you take right decisions through understanding and visualizing data.

IOT Platforms

While you select the IOT platform, Softvan offers customized solutions for the seamless management of your business.

Take the next step towards a more connected world.

Experience the latest innovation in IoT and deploy it in your existing system. Modernize your applications by introducing automation right from implementation to deployment and maintenance.

Got a Project Idea? Looking for an outstanding business consultant? Get in touch to find out how we can transform your organization and learn more about out expertise and capabilities.

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