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Softvan has received positive feedback from all its clients located in different parts of the world. A lot of these relationships started off with deployment of a single product or service offering, but basis the quality of work exhibited, the team was eventually entrusted with many other project engagements. Some of these encouraging words are presented in this section.

Very impressed with the level of service and support they provided throughout the project. I will absolutely use the team again and highly recommend them to others.

Eugene Fisher, Co-founder & Principal Company, Eb4 Consulting, UK

I have worked together with Shai and his team on a number of products. They are bright, talented, and have been a pleasure to work with. We will continue to work with them in the future and view them as an essential member of our team.

Ed McKee President of Kodestarters, USA

Shaishav has been really careful to make sure our team is taken care of. We have lots of different needs and Shaishav and his team work really to help us deliver. When they can't help out they let us know, which is just as important. Hoping to work with him and his team for a long time.

Jeff Friesen Co-founder, Radiantlabs USA

It was very helpful to have their knowledge and experience on hand to assess and upgrade our RDS instance.

Benjamin Mailian, Co-Founder - SMUGG HOME, USA

The work was done right and the was very flexible.

Rex Lamb, President Company, GoIDit, LLC, USA

I sleep peacefully while AWS takes the load of managing our servers

Ritesh Ambastha, Director - NAILBITER, INDIA

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