How Can TUSKER Deep learning research be Used for Realtime CCTV Video Surveillance?

How Can TUSKER Deep learning research be Used for Realtime CCTV Video Surveillance?

Closed-circuit television video surveillance (CCTV) has been around for over 22 years, but with technological advancements like IP cameras, faster Internet networks, and more bandwidth available to process video data, it has become considerably more powerful. Security agents and operations managers have traditionally been tasked with real-time CCTV camera monitoring to detect abnormal behavior or situations in areas under surveillance, or with reviewing hours or days of footage to extract evidence and understand what happened at the time of the incident for post-event investigation. However, due to the time and resources required to thoroughly evaluate the massive amounts of video available, it is impossible to fully exploit all of the valuable information video data can provide.

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Human monitors are also prone to inaccuracy and distraction, making it even more challenging to interpret data from a single video channel, let alone many cameras feeds, efficiently or effectively. As a result, a lot of important video data is wasted.

To this, we launched an end-to-end platform that democratizes computer vision by providing sophisticated AI technology and easy-to-use AI applications to every business, client, and citizen on a pay-as-you-go model.

Tusker is a complete platform that enables businesses to create world-class deep learning models and applications quickly. Building a model need big teams of experts, scientists, data collection, and days or even month-long training procedures. Tusker allows a company to create AI models several times faster than traditional methods. We offer a suite of products that include an end-to-end platform for developing, deploying, and maintaining large-scale AI systems, a portfolio of industry-specific SaaS MAAS ( Model-As-A-Service), and a no-code AI solution for applying data science to everyday business.

OUR MISSION: To reinvent the advanced State of the art of Deep learning research into applied AI uses cases by the Agile experimentation approach. We are filling the gap of the AI puzzle by translating new models, theories, and frameworks into acceptable market-ready AI business cases.

OUR FOCUS: Our AI Lab exists to evaluate advanced deep learning architectures and to test real-time business applications. We are building a market-ready pre-trained model to utilize with a pay-as-you-go model for the target sector and an Auto deep learning law code platform for the developer and consumer community. 


  1. Decision support: Enabling better business decision by plugging DL model on traditional CCTV
  2. Scalable DL: Delivering Deep learning solutions efficiently and at scale, using the latest in transfer learning and cloud computing
  3. Auto DL: Factory to build Deep Learning models by using no-code / law code platform, Our team is always working on new experiments and prototypes, to train high-quality custom deep learning models with minimal effort and AI expertise.
  4. Ethical AI: We commit to consulting for the ethical development of AI, by the principal, by process, by standard, by compliance

“Where the cutting-edge AI methodologies become acceptable business applications”

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  1. Model-As-A-Service
  2. Auto DL platform
  3. Self-healing architecture
  4. Incident Workflow Management
  5. Integration with Data Visualization and ETL pipelines
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Recently we have engaged with Mexican fast serving hotel and cafe brands for a computer vision-enabled Ecosystem. The goal is to apply advanced incident monitoring workflow to regulate food safety and covid guidelines at the workplace.

“Self Governing responsible Ai is the future & we committed to build this”@Shaishav Shah

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