Redefining Hygiene Standards using Computer Vision: Scaling-Up “Digital India”

Redefining Hygiene Standards using Computer Vision: Scaling-Up “Digital India”

In this era of digital modernization, there are so many different ways to spread the ideas, discuss the issues that creates impact in social media and among individuals/company branding. After analyzing the current Indian social trends, I think that “Hygiene” and “Request-on-Demand” creates a vast and diversify impacts in our day-to-days lives.

This impacts lead the people to raise concern & question that hygiene, sanitation and every health related issues can be solved or can be improved more than the present situation, due to this consumers is becoming more peculiar regarding, Hygiene & Quality.

According to me, the perception of Indians towards the Hygiene has been evolved a lot in recent years. May be the digitization or their responsibilities as good citizen have done this part, also we can say that Government affiliated schemes “SWACHH BHARAT”“Clean India, Green India” have also played an important role. The revenue spent on these awareness bring scheme have also been scaled higher in public domain compared to previous years. The social campaign and Strict Constitutional rules are also a reason that are impacting the people’s mindset towards hygiene. The recent government data also tells the same story that there is a steeper increase in public expenditure on Hygiene, sanitation observed in recent years. (Source : The Wire)

With an eye on increasing the awareness in hygiene, finance ministry announced the recent includes in Hygiene and health-care domain.

We all are bearing with a challenging & demanding market in recent times. In such times since increasing revenue is becoming more challenging and hectic & most industries go on a cost cutting spree due to the economic crisis & increasing the labor cost.

Industries today want to deliver a hygienic product with healthy environment however due to cost involvement they refrain from doing that consequences. In the longer run these micro changes impact on consumer health, believes & decreasing company brand image. 

Here are some recent series of events that lead us in believing more and more that why hygiene is becoming priority

1. Online-Food aggregate thinking to established base kitchens:

According to source, the two major dominating online food aggregate were in discussion of having their own Kitchen base for processing the food in better hygiene condition to reduce the consumer complaints, increase the margin and adopt the local authentic taste to acquire more loyal customers.

2. Chipotle to close all restaurants on Feb. 8 for food safety meeting. Sou

Chipotle said tests confirmed bacteria caused a recent outbreak of illness at an Ohio restaurant that sickened hundreds. Health staff identified 647 people who said they experienced gastrointestinal symptoms after eating at the Chipotle on Sawmill Parkway between July 26 and July 30.

A type of bacteria that forms when food is left out at unsafe temperatures caused Chipotle Mexican Grill’s latest foodborne illness outbreak.

The above mentioned reasons are the mind-boggling impacts that hit our minds to think and that’s a reason we are investing more & more in hygiene.

Softvan thinks : “Hygiene is a necessity & affordable adoption”

As Artificial intelligence has become more sophisticated in performing the monotonous tasks with high accuracy. We should explore the potential of AI and Robotic process automation to solve the affordable hygienic problem in multiple verticals like healthcare, food processing industry and customer centric business.

Softvan recently engage with couple of sectors leading companies to build a intelligent solutions to overcome the above mentioned obstacles. Sharing highlights:

1: Machine Supervision to Preserve Hygiene Compliance “QSR”:

One of the Mexican quick serve restaurant recently observed that they were receiving a huge amount of customer complaints about low quality food and also noticed that there’s been a huge wastage of inventory. So they connect to SOFTVAN to brainstorm how to eradicate this hurdles. After investing time to visit restaurant current operation flow and brainstorming the scenario, we proposed to apply hygiene standards that were recognized by the food processing industry through techniques know as COMPUTER VISION and we integrated current kitchen appliance for having real time monitoring. That’s help the chain-executive to monitor QSR activities, control quality, prevent un-necessary chaos, identify productivity and to reveal customer experience

2: Monitoring MediCare Standards to Avoid Contamination:

Since inception Softvan connected to HealthCare industry and delivering cutting edge solutions like Data Analytics, Ehealth and Wearable Health monitoring technologies. Due to the tight coupling with industry we come across the regular contamination issues which is happening because lack of cleanness, unhygienic apparatus and skill resources. Hence we request and run a proof of concept with one of the local hospital to monitor the health staff activities as per IIMA’s safety guidelines, inference of sanitation and cleanliness.

As Lebanese Proverb quoted ” HYGIENE IS TWO THIRDS OF HEALTH” , We are keen to invest and contribute more & more in Government’s Swachh Bharat mission by utilizing extensive capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, Data analytics, IOT and Product engineering.

We are happy to listen a ideas and problem statement from network and ready to brainstorm solutions!

Content Contribution : Mr. Rohan Mishra

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