About Artificial Intelligence Solutions

SoftVan is known for optimized quality services in Artificial Intelligence. SoftVan specialises AI solutions that incorporate Machine Learning, Deep Learning, OCR, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in algorithms like CNN, RNN, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, SVM, Decision Tree, K-Means, Regression, Classification algorithms & others. Our optimisation technologies assist you unlock new potentialities designed on the powerful and reliable SoftVan AI solutions that support numerous environments with client satisfaction, delivery and scale to meet changing business needs. 

What are we offering as part of AI Solutions?

Machine Learning and Deep learning
Machine Learning and Deep learning

Our AI solutions include comprehensive, intuitive machine learning tools that deliver better recommendations with image, video and text for faster, smarter decision making.

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

We use NLP to mechanically extract essential business insights and rising trends from massive amounts of structured and unstructured content.

Computer Vision
Computer Vision

We use computer vision to assist you accelerate intelligent automation with straightforward tools for image process, image recognition and object detection.

Optical character recognition
Optical character recognition

We provide advanced systems capable of manufacturing a high degree of recognition accuracy for many fonts area unit currently common, and with support for a range of digital image file format inputs.

Ethics AI Framework

We provide reservoir of capabilities that can be used to tackle a boundless number of problems, from biotechnologies to cybersecurity and smart cities to health care. We think that our societies all over the world need is a shared and applicable ethical framework, to develop AI policies, regulations, technical standards, and business best practices that are environmentally sustainable and socially preferable.

GIS Solutions

We provide Solutions in logistics and supply chain, it can plug the gaps and gather more accurate location information that can streamline product delivery and save time. We laid emphasis on manage Geospatial Data for Cost-Efficiency like detection of Crop-plantation, Monitoring Trespassing in Restricted Location etc.


    We help our clients make sense of a fast-changing landscape and use best-of-breed technologies to deliver user-centred solutions. We deliver knowledge, Image, Video and Speech Intelligence with the assistance of AI, ML and DL.


    We work to assist firms perceive and bottle their experience and belongings into reusable machine learning models through analysis of the client’s business processes and knowledge sources.


    SoftVan’s Image methodology and Text-Audio-Video Analytics service allows organizations to retrieve relevant information from photos, text, video, and audio content whereas it decrease human effort and makes daily basis business operations quicker, smarter and better.

Key benefits
Key Benefits To Our Customers
  • Increase In Customer Penetration

    With AI systems for your customers, your customers would like to i invest more on your products and services as they get more value in return.

  • System Automation

    Provide system automation services that produces it simple to deploy servers and applications with high Rate of Investment.

  • Increase In Productivity

    Productivity of your staff will increase, due to higher satisfaction level and less work.

Revealing Customer Sentiments

Solutions to reveal live user’s reaction automatically, by applying computer vision deep learning algorithms on surveillance camera,

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