Cloud Services

About Amazon Web Services

Being one amongst the great, however extremely demanded services, SoftVan’s AWS dedicated team offers the simplest Amazon Web Services that involves cloud solution. We provide an enormous variety of services like Infrastructure migration, Compliance management, Cloud native application Development, DevOps and Serverless Development. SoftVan ensures fast timely cloud services resolution with technical support and expertise. SoftVan helps in understanding high level infrastructure and developing and optimized solution architecting for cloud with certified team of AWS solution architects.

What expertise we have as Cloudian?


Microservice architecture development

Our Microservice design, or just microservice, are particular methodology of developing software systems that set focuses on building single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations. They are independently deployable and organized around business capabilities.


Serverless architecture development

SoftVan provides a unique operating model that helps enterprises to stand against digital disruption by fundamentally changing their people, process and technology. We provide an application that uses no provisioned servers at all, being completely serverless.


Key Benefits To Our Customers

  • Value for Money

    Any investments that are made will then be in assets or projects that are truly differentiating, rather than into non-differentiating commodity infrastructure and technology.

  • Superior Infrastructure

    From whichever angle you're taking – price, simple access, maintenance, scalability, elasticity, versatility, security and compliance – the cloud is superior to on-premises

  • Scalable and Flexible

    With a completely scalable cloud infrastructure, our services guarantee anyplace, anytime up-scaling..

DevOps using CI/CD Kubernetes on Cloud

The DevOps CI/CD Kubernetes helped the company to accommodate the changes in the shortest time possible with less downtime, less direct maintenance, this lead to a better production rate which indeed lead to a better customer satisfaction.

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