Video Streaming Services

About Video Streaming Services

SoftVan offers custom-tailored online-streaming solutions for various Entertainment and Outdoor-media agencies. Our solutions also feature wide hardware support for various equipment like Sensible TV, streaming media receivers, computer tablets and Smartphones/Handsets.Streaming media is multimedia system that’s perpetually received by and conferred to an end-user whereas being delivered by a supplier. Live Streaming is that the delivery of net content in time period, as events happen, much as live television broadcasts its contents over the airwaves via a television signal.

What we are offering as a part of Streaming Solutions?


Wowza Media Engine

SoftVan provides customizable streaming server software services with WOWZA Video Streaming Engine for building and delivering professional-grade streaming at any scale.


Aws Elemental

Instead of managing complicated infrastructure, SoftVan’s video solutions let you focus on content to give viewers a great user experience. We give services through AWS Elemental Media Convert, MediaLive, MediaPackage, MediaStore and more.


Aws Rekognition Video Service

SoftVan provides Amazon Rekognition Video Services which does video analysis in real-time, so customers can build applications that act with low latency and high accuracy. We facilitate to simply produce ascendible, cost-effective applications using video analysis.


Aws Kinesis Video Stream

SoftVan uses analytics, machine learning (ML), and other processing and build computer vision and ML applications through integration with Amazon Rekognition Video and libraries for ML frameworks such as Apache MxNet, TensorFlow, and OpenCV.


Key Benefits to Our Customers

  • Customer Support

    SoftVan provides you with ongoing customer support and will guide you through any difficulties you encounter.

  • Analytics Tracking

    Through SoftVan, you can gain aspects of your broadcast that you might need to change for future events. This will help you in refining your overall content and strategy

  • High Quality Streams

    SoftVan provides live streaming service with a robust infrastructure and a good CDN (content delivery network) to achieve high quality video. A CDN works as a worldwide delivery system that distributes your content exploitation their own server.

Case Studies

Here's where we let our customers do the talking. Read our customers stories and find out how our Softvan solutions have helped solve real business challenges.

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