Top 5 Trends of Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Top 5 Trends of Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Idealists say where we are today is the result of our actions in the past. The same is true with the field of artificial intelligence. It is the deliberate efforts of computer scientists of where we are today. Routing back to the year 1995, when Allen Newell and Herbert A. Simon created “Logic Theorist,” the “first artificial intelligence program,” to now; many people, especially computer scientists and researchers, came with many innovative ideas and gifted the world influx of technologies. Let’s now discuss the trends of Artificial Intelligence in 2021:

  1. Voice and Language-Driven AI
    Last year, we witnessed a significant downfall in the economy. While children could not attend schools and working people too had to work remotely. Presently, the condition is improving, but it is unlike before. Everyone panicked, and this distress led computer scientists to focus on voice and language-driven AI. As the name suggests, it is about voice and language. Thus, you only have to speak. This is an excellent solution in the present situation, where everyone is insisting you wash your hands after everything you touch, there you can use voice and language-driven AI freely. Just say, and the work is done for you.
  2. Vision AI
    Vision AI or computer vision is a field of computer science. It is by far one of the best technologies that train computers to match up to the human visual system. We can see advancements in digital devices like face detectors and QR Code Scanners, which identity and process objects in images and videos, the same as humans do. Other examples include personalized image search on eCommerce stores, aerial images on a map, 3D model building (Photogrammetry), and so on.
  3. Predictive Analytics
    AI, NLP, and machine learning have shown positive results on augmented analytics. From this year, many companies will incorporate predictive analytics into their work. This focus results from its utility in different departments, for example, customer service, retail sales, supply chain improvement, and so on. Thus, companies and employees’ efficiency will increase as they will gain accurate data from this, which will help them prepare for behaviors and outcomes, thus more dynamic.
  4. AI and Cloud Adoption
    AI and the cloud are like bread and butter to the present technological ventures. Digital assistants such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home have solved our everyday difficulties with ease. They are used in industries, communities, and homes, and some of us take them along with ourselves. They are productive and help us with tasks like online ordering, using a household fixture or appliance, scheduling an appointment, listening to music, asking questions, texting, or calling friends and relatives. Suppose having one of the aforementioned digital assistants and asking a question. You need no one when technology is near you. Technology has helped us become independent to some extent.
  5. AI & Martech
    The term “martech” is an amalgamation of two words: first is marketing, and the second is ‘technology.’ The intent is to achieve marketing goals and objectives. Today, websites have recommender systems, digital marketing, conversational AI/chatbots. These offer a service for consumption. Also, there are wearable devices, sensor technology, IoT, Internet, and website tracking cookies. Companies understand consumer behavior through such sources, thus use this information for crafting better products and services. Today privacy concern is a big issue, and companies will come up with better ideas in the future to pursue their marketing goals so they can keep track of consumer behavior.

In this blog post, we dealt with the top 5 trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2021 to inform you about artificial intelligence trends such as voice and language-driven AI, vision AI, predictive analytics, AI, and cloud adoption AI & martech. AI is evolving businesses every day and helping tackle long-term challenges. Adopting AI now will equip you to go beyond process optimization to deliver world-class services. At Softvan AI is a part of the solution in Enhancing customer solutions. AI and ML used to bring down costs, the differences happen when they start to contribute to revenue generation and improve our lives.

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